The Pony Club program is offered through two different administrative structures. 


The traditional Pony Club is administered by parents and other adult volunteers in the area. Typically, a child must own a horse or have access to a horse in order to participate in club Pony Club activities. However, some clubs do have horses that may be leased, or have a relationship with a facility through which a member may lease a horse. The involvement of the parent(s) is vital to the success of the club. 


Riding Centers are equestrian facilities that have been recognized by USPC to offer the Pony Club program through the administration of the facility. Typically, centers will have mounts available for members in their center, although having a mount generally does not exclude a child from joining a center.


Youth Membership (25 and under)

Youth wishing to join Pony Club as a participating member must do so by becoming a member through a local club or center. 


Adult Membership (18 and over)Corporate Membership is required for Pony Club leaders and Horsemasters' participants. But is also a great way for parents and other adults to support the work of Pony Club at the national, regional, and club levels. As a Corporate Member you will receive a subscription to USPC News, special notices and updates throughout the year, voting privileges at the Annual Meeting, and a yearly membership directory.


More detailed information can be obtained from visiting the United States Pony Club website.