Clinics are scheduled as often as possible. 

Marguerite Browne ~ Dressage Clinician

Marguerite is one of a select few disciples of Karl Mikolka, former Chief Rider at the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. She has spent 25+ years training in Mikolka’s methods. She has trained years with George Williams, president of the USDF, at Temple Farms in Illinois, Hector Carmona, (I level judge) Gail Carmona (I level judge), Hubert Roher (I level judge), Jan KluiJtmans of Holland, with Daniel Ramsier, of the Swiss Olympic team and was personal trainer to the Phillips Electric family. Marguerite says, “The Spanish Riding School's method (and by extension Karl's and George's) stands head and shoulders above all others in its logic, clarity and creativity”. She enjoys instructing at all levels, from new dressage enthusiasts to those schooling Grand Prix.

Kira Steines

Kira is a C3 graduate from River Run Pony Club. She has been training and teaching for 15 years. In 2005, she spent several months with Cherie Gaebel, a national examiner and advanced event rider, before taking a job for Winley Farm, out of Millbrook, NY. Winley is a Holstein breeding facility and an international show jumping barn. There she worked with Carsten Jaeger,an international show jumper, Margaret Beeman, a natural horsemanship trainer and world class trainer and coach for the US Combined Driving Team, and most notably, Debra Wiedmaier, a FEI dressage trainer and rider. After working with Debra, she realized her calling was in dressage. She took a job working for an upper level rider in Robert Dover’s training camp, honing in on dressage skills with the help of Robert Dover, Katherine Bateson-Chandler, and Helen Fendell. In 2007 she had the opportunity to spend a total of 7 months in Germany in two of the remaining German Masters stables, Hubertus Schmidt and Johann Hinneman.When she arrived back in the US she continued working for Shelly Francis, based out of Loxahatchee, FL. Shelly is an FEI GrandPrix rider, whom she worked for as assistant trainer and barn manager for almost 2 years, before moving back to central Wisconsin to begin her own Keystone Dressage company.